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At the Eye Center of Texas, we want to make sure our LASIK and PRK patients can see clearly and have the healthiest eyes possible. This means carefully screening our patients and doing whatever we can to prevent complications. While wavefront LASIK allows excellent custom laser eye surgery results, there are some cases in which LASIK is a poor option for vision enhancement. With that in mind, let’s consider why corneal thickness is so important. What Is LASIK Surgery? LASIK is a refractive surgery procedure that involves the use of lasers to reshape the cornea, which is the topmost central…

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Planning Your Super Bowl Menu?

Good news!  Avocados are a good way to get more lutein in your diet!  Lutein has been shown to be concentrated in the macular of the eye, and some research suggests that it may help maintain healthy eyesight as we age!  It’s also linked to reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration (AMD), which are common in the elderly.   Therefore, eating avocados should have benefits for eye health over the long term. Bottom Line: Avocados are high in antioxidants, including Lutein and Zeaxanthin so party on!  

Good News for People who HATE Reading Glasses!

Hate Wearing Reading Glasses? Restore your reading vision with Raindrop Near Vision Inlay. Are you tired of not being able to read a text message on your phone?  Good news, we are excited to announce a new innovative solution for presbyopia that might be the answer to your frustrations with wearing reading glasses. http://www.nbcnews.com/video/so-long-reading-glasses-new-raindrop-eye-implant-could-make-them-obsolete-764691011734 The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay, a procedure used to correct presbyopia or the loss of reading vision. The Raindrop is a small 2 mm implant made of hydrogel that is gently placed in the cornea of the non-dominant eye. Because the cornea is given a slightly steeper…

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Post-Operative Care after LASIK Surgery

Everyone’s eyes are unique. Some people have perfect vision. Others have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or a combination creating less than ideal vision. Using the surgical procedure, LASIK, a surgeon can correct the corneal tissue to improve eyesight. The end result is freedom from glasses or contacts. Postoperative Care after LASIK Postoperative from LASIK surgery is an essential component for optimal results. Always follow the doctor’s guidelines. The procedure allows you to return to normal activities quickly. But you will still need to be careful. Get Plenty of Rest One of the best aspects to help aid in the recovery after…

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LASIK Surgery: What You Need to Know

What is LASIK Surgery? Aside from glasses and contact lenses, LASIK surgery is another option that people can choose to treat vision problems. During the surgery, an ophthalmologist uses an excimer laser to reshape the patient’s cornea. The treatment is quick and efficient, and patients who have had surgery are usually able to return to work within the next day or two. Who Can Get LASIK Surgery? Many common vision-related problems can be solved using LASIK eye surgery. Patients are should be 18 years or older, lead active lifestyles, and are unwilling or unable to wear glasses. In addition, some…

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