The Solution to Your “Near Vision” Is Here!

No more reading glasses! Regain your clear vision with a Raindrop Corneal Inlay from the Eye Center of Texas!

Raindrop Corneal Inlay Near-Vision Reversal

As you age past 40, it’s very common for your vision to get blurry, especially when you’re reading or in low light. It’s called Presbyopia or “Over-40 Vision,” and it can happen to anyone, even if you’ve never worn glasses!

How Did I Get Presbyopia?

As your eyes age, the lens inside slowly loses its natural flexibility. This makes it harder for your vision to adjust to new distances and lower lighting without the help of reading glasses.

Discover Younger Vision Through Raindrop Corneal Inlay!

There’s a better solution to Presbyopia in Houston!
Raindrop Corneal Inlay is an innovative, 20-minute procedure that reverses your “near-vision.”
Our expert specialists place a small, 2mm Hydrogel implant in the cornea of your non-dominant eye. This steepens the surface of the cornea, allowing your eye to focus up close without glasses!

Amazing Vision, Day or Night!

The results are in, Raindrop Corneal Inlay works! Just take a look for yourself: After the procedure…

  • 92% could read a newspaper with ease!
  • 88% could read fine print clearly!
  • 76% could read a full email on a small screen!

Eye Center of Texas: Houston’s Clear Choice for Corneal Inlay

  • Trusted Care: Over 275 of Houston’s top optometrists recommend Eye Center of Texas to their patients.
  • Quick and Painless: This in-office procedure only takes about 20 minutes. Other than a few seconds of pressure, you won’t feel a thing during the procedure!
  • Fast Results: Most patients notice a quick improvement in vision, and are able to return to normal activities after a brief period of time.
  • True Peace of Mind: The surgeons at Eye Center of Texas are highly trained in placing corneal inlays, and take every precaution to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

It’s time to stop reaching for your readers. Younger vision can be yours again!

Complete the form on this page and a member of our staff will be in touch soon to schedule an evaluation.

Please Note: People who have previously received Lasik eye surgery are ineligible for this procedure.

I have worn glasses since the 6th grade and for the first time in my life, I can now see 20/20 in both eyes. I now wish I had done it sooner!  Thank you Dr. Mayo for taking great care of my eyes!  - Sharon M.

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Today I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suarez and was told she will be out for the next several months.  I was very sad because she has been my eye doctor for the last 8 years.  She is a wonderful doctor and takes very good care of me and my eyes.  I have diabetes and it's a good thing I have her as my eye doctor, otherwise I might be blind.  I hope she reads this because I want her to know how much I love and appreciate her compassionate care.  God Bless you Dr. Suarez.  I'm scheduled...

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I knew something was wrong and called my eye doctor.  After I told him what was going on he immediately called the Eye Center of Texas and told them I needed to see Dr. Suarez ASAP.  They were able to get me in that day, and Dr. Suarez did laser on my eye and saved my vision.  I didn't know what was going on but it ended up that had a retina detachment and if I had not seen her as soon as I did, I could of lost my vision in my left eye.  Not only is Dr. Suarez...

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Dear Dr. Autry, For a little tiny thing, you sure are smart!  When I first checked in I was not very happy, the waiting room was full but then I thought to myself, they must be very good because this place is busy.  Sure enough after several tests, you came in and told me exactly what was going on with my vision.  I'm forever grateful to you and the other doctors.  Toni M.

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Dear Dr. Mayo, I want to thank you and your staff for taking great care of me and my eyes.  I was very upset when my eye doctor told me I had cataracts (I'm only 47), but she assured me she was sending me to the best cataract surgeon in Houston.  When I met you, I knew I was in good hands and I immediately calmed down.  Your staff was wonderful. My new friend Kathy helped me decide on which lens was best for me and I'm so glad I decided on the lens that allows me to see everything...

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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Mayo

Mark is a native Houstonian. He grew up in Spring Branch and is a graduate of Stratford High School. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he was accepted into the Plan II Interdisciplinary Honors Programs. In 1986, he graduated at the top of his class and was named a Dean’s Distinguished Graduate of the University.

Dr. Mayo

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Wade

Edward Wade, M.D., F.A.C.S., a native of El Paso, Texas graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Illinois and was awarded the Bronze Tablet Award, a distinction given to only the top 2 percent of the class.

Dr. Wade

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