Eye Center of Texas is among the first ophthalmology centers in the country to offer its patients the FDA-approved LenSx Femtosecond Laser Bladeless cataract surgery system. Prior to the system’s development, treating cataracts was done manually via the use of a blade for making incisions. This method came with a margin of error that could negatively impact the results.

However, the introduction of the LenSx laser system allows the doctors at the Eye Center of Texas to provide The Woodlands laser cataract surgery patients with computer-controlled precision. This system automates the most difficult parts of the refractive cataract surgery process. A laser takes the place of a traditional scalpel to optimize every incision for the highest degree of surgical performance. This cutting-edge surgical technology gives surgeons a three-dimensional view that allows them to provide lens replacement procedures that are customized to each patient.

The latest results from the LenSx bladeless cataract surgery system have shown it to possess 10 times greater precision than manual cataract surgery methods, which significantly increases both the accuracy and safety for The Woodlands laser cataract surgery patients.

Nobody likes cataracts, but a major positive note is that you’re experiencing them in a time when cataract surgery is undergoing numerous technological advancements that make the process better by employing lasers. For patients seeking laser cataract surgery, The Woodlands TX is the best place to be. Your visual ability will be improved significantly with advanced lifestyle IOLs. Cataract surgery is covered by Medicare and most insurance providers. Currently, however, HMOs, Medicare and many insurance companies consider laser cataract surgery with advanced lifestyle IOLs to be a premium procedure, so they do not cover it. Such procedures are available only on an out-of-pocket basis. Fortunately, the Eye Center of Texas offers financing through CareCredit to help make this life-changing procedure available for everyone.

ORA System (Optiwave Refractive Analysis)

Just when it seemed that technology for cataract surgery couldn’t be any better, The Eye Center of Texas now offers patients a ground-breaking new cataract surgery measurement tool that helps your surgeon further customize your vision during the actual surgery. The ORA intraoperative aberrometry system enables real-time assessment of your eyes during the procedure. Prior to the advent of ORA, no such method existed. Before surgery, certain measurements were made to make sure the correct IOL power was used, but this allowed for a margin of error. As a result, surgeons were incapable of evaluating patients’ visual quality during the surgery and were forced to wait several weeks to find out whether the right IOL power selection was used. With this innovative new type of laser cataract surgery, The Woodlands TX residents can be assured that the correct setting is used during their procedure. The surgeons at the Eye Center of Texas now offer ORA with all of our premium lens procedures to help guarantee the correct IOL setting.

Benefits of the ORA System

There are several key advantages to having the ORA System used as part of your vision correction surgery, such as:

  • The ORA System can help surgeons achieve superior results and give patients a better quality of vision.
  • The ORA System allows your surgeon to provide a higher degree of confirmation for optical outcomes.
  • For patients with astigmatism, the ORA System can increase the accuracy of correction to minimize the likelihood that you’ll require corrective eyewear after your surgery.

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