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How to Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery in 7 Steps


Learning how to prepare for LASIK eye surgery is an important step towards correcting your vision, whether you and your doctor have decided LASIK is the right procedure for you, or even if you’re still researching your options. We’ve outlined some of the key steps you can take to best prepare for your LASIK surgery.

  • Find the right LASIK surgeon for you
  • Determine if LASIK is right for you
  • Evaluate the cost of LASIK
  • Prep for LASIK surgery: 3-4 weeks pre-op
  • Prep for LASIK surgery: 1-2 weeks pre-op
  • Prep for LASIK surgery: the night before your operation
  • Prep for LASIK surgery: the day of your operation

1. Find the right LASIK surgeon for you

Many patients have questions as they prepare for their LASIK eye surgery. Is LASIK painful? Can you eat before LASIK? What eye drops should you use before LASIK? The best LASIK eye surgeons in Houston will answers questions like these for you.

Eye Center of Texas’s LASIK surgeons are here to assist patient with any questions they may have. Our board certified opthamologists and therapeutic optometrists are trusted by over 275 Houston-area eye doctors for all things LASIK, and we are the leading provider of LASIK surgery in Sugar Land, Pasadena LASIK, and the greater Houston area. Check our post on how to choose a LASIK surgeon for more helpful insights and information.

2. Determine if LASIK is right for you

Once you find your LASIK surgeon, it’s important that you schedule a consultation with him or her to establish whether or not LASIK eye surgery is the right procedure to correct your vision. While millions of Americans, including those suffering from astigmatism, have experienced lasting vision correction from LASIK, it still may not be the best vision correction procedure for you. For example, LASIK is not the best for procedure for patients who wear bifocals. For scenarios such as this, Eye Center of Texas offers a number of leading vision correction alternatives:

If you’re just beginning to research LASIK, this free evaluation and consultation may help answer some of your questions: am I a Good Candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

3. Evaluate the cost of LASIK

As you’re determining whether LASIK eye surgery is appropriate for your budget, make sure to consider the long-term costs of contacts, the hassle of glasses, and the consequences of a cheap LASIK procedure.

Performed properly, the LASIK procedure can last many years, even for life. To boot, the procedure is fast becoming more and more affordable, and if you can’t pay for the cost of the surgery up front, financing options that fit your budget are often available. No matter what, make sure to research the cost of LASIK in Houston before committing to the procedure.

4. Prep for LASIK surgery: 3-4 weeks pre-op

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far, you’ve found your LASIK surgeon, decided that LASIK surgery is right for you, and found a financial solution that works for your budget. Now it’s time to prepare for procedure itself.

Note that the final steps in preparing for LASIK eye surgery may be unique to you, and that we recommend consulting with your LASIK surgeon for specific directions.

That said, we can get you started here. If you wear hard or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts, your LASIK surgery prep should begin 3-4 weeks before the procedure. At that time, stop wearing your contacts; they can cause corneal tissue damage which can impair the effectiveness of the procedure.

5. Prep for LASIK surgery: 1-2 weeks pre-op

There are multiple steps you should take at this point in your pre-op surgery prep.

  1. If you wear soft contact lenses (again, not hard or RGP contacts), it is recommended that you stop wearing your contacts three days prior to surgery. While less damaging than hard contacts, soft contact lenses can still impair the effectiveness of the procedure.
  2. Plan time off from work. Your surgeon will recommend to you how much time you should take off to adequately heal your eyes after treatment, but you should expect to miss work a for few days at the least.
  3. Arrange for transportation to and from the procedure with a family member or friend. While your vision should be immediately improved, it’s important that you do not drive until your surgeon has performed a post-op vision test the day after the procedure.

6. Prep for LASIK surgery: the night before your operation

For the best LASIK experience, consider taking these steps the night before your surgery:

  1. Remove makeup, lotions, eyeliner, mascara, or any substance that might create debris in and around your eyes.
  2. Make a note not to wear any cosmetics or perfume the day of the procedure.
  3. Do not drink alcohol or take medication that causes drowsiness the day before your surgery. Otherwise, eat and drink as you normally would.
  4. Optional: Use artificial tears or eye drops to flush your eyes of lingering dust or debris.
  5. Optional: Write down any lingering questions or concerns for your surgeon so that you do not forget to ask them on the day of the operation.

7. Prep for LASIK surgery: the day of your operation

You’re just a few hours away from improved vision! Here’s your final checklist for preparing for LASIK eye surgery:

  1. Dress comfortably and avoid wearing bulky clothes or accessories. It’s important that your head remains still during the procedure, so do not wear anything in your hair that may cause your head to shift.
  2. Avoid wearing outfits that shed or have any kind of animal fur, including faux fur.
  3. Eat a light meal and of take any medication that is a normal part of your daily routine.
  4. Think about how wonderful your vision will be in a few short minutes! If you experience any anxiety, our staff can give you anxiety relief medication.

The LASIK procedure usually takes up to a half an hour. Once complete, you can be on your way home with your prearranged ride!

Houston’s leading LASIK

If you’re wondering how to best prepare for LASIK eye surgery, consult Houston’s leading LASIK surgeons at Eye Center of Texas! Hundreds of eye doctors will trust Houston LASIK to Eye Center of Texas. See the difference for yourself and schedule an appointment today!

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