Not all LASIK procedures are the same. Having the right team for your LASIK vision correction is essential!

That’s why the Eye Center of Texas is the clear choice for Houston LASIK Surgery.

  • Trusted Care: Over 275 of Houston’s top optometrists recommend Eye Center of Texas to their patients & family.
  • Custom Service: Each blade-free iLASIK procedure is customized to fit your personal vision needs!
  • Virtually Pain-Free: This bladeless procedure only requires anesthetic eye drops to keep you pain-free during your surgery.
  • Fast Recovery: Most patients are seeing clearly and back to work just 24 hours after surgery!
  • True Peace of Mind: Pre- and post-operation exams are included in your fee.
  • Proven Success: The team at Eye Center of Texas have contributed to over 60,000 successful LASIK procedures.
  • A Lifetime of Savings: The average wearer of glasses or contacts spends $80,000 across an average lifetime, but LASIK is 100% permanent!

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