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PRK After LASIK: Understanding PRK Enhancement Surgery after LASIK

Why would you need to consider PRK after LASIK? The vast majority of patients report permanently improved vision after LASIK surgery. However, there are a few rare cases in which someone may need additional eye treatment to reach their optimal vision. That’s where vision enhancements come in, including PRK enhancement surgery. Learn about when the top LASIK surgeons in Houston advocate for PRK after LASIK, how PRK is different from LASIK surgery, and more.

PRK After LASIK: How is PRK different than LASIK surgery?

PRK enhancement after LASIK surgery is rarely needed. But if you decide to undergo a post-LASIK surgery eyesight enhancement, you and your opthamologist have several enhancement options to choose from: wearing contacts after LASIK, PRK after LASIK as an enhancement, and a LASIK enhancement.

If you opt for an enhancement procedure, you will likely ask yourself, “How is PRK different than LASIK surgery?” The most common way doctors discern whether to perform LASIK or PRK enhancements after LASIK recovery is by assessing the amount of time that has passed since the initial LASIK procedure.

LASIK enhancements after LASIK recovery

If you require vision enhancement within the first few months after your initial LASIK surgery, many ophthalmologists choose to perform a LASIK enhancement since LASIK requires less recovery time. LASIK enhancement requires that a surgeon re-lift the flap made during the original LASIK eye surgery.

PRK enhancements after LASIK recovery

The older the original corneal flap gets, however, the higher the risk that re-lifting it would cause epithelial growths or other conditions. In these cases, such as needing a LASIK enhancement after 10 years, performing PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) surgery after LASIK is often the better option for improved eyesight.

In PRK after LASIK, your surgeon won’t lift your corneal flap but will remove the epithelial (outer) tissue of your cornea (which regenerates after your surgery) before commencing with the rest of your surgery.

Is it safe to have PRK after LASIK?

Absolutely. Should you meet all all qualifications for PRK enhancement surgery, PRK after LASIK is very safe. However, your doctor will need to check that your eyes have an adequate amount of corneal thickness before performing PRK after LASIK.

In some instances, PRK enhancement surgery may be associated with increased chances of dealing with haze, but the use of topical mitomycin C has been shown to reduce this risk. All of that said, the best way to improve your chances for a successful surgical recovery is to know what not to do after LASIK and/or PRK.

How often do you have to re-do LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is typically permanent. If needed, adjustments are taken care of shortly after the original surgery or long after the procedure, when age has caused eyesight deteriorated. That said, it’s good to know that you do have the option for enhancements such as PRK after LASIK.

Need PRK after LASIK?

Perhaps you’re curious if you need PRK enhancement surgery? Or maybe you have other questions about PRK and LASIK, such as “Can LASIK correct astigmatism?” Or even “Can you get LASIK after PRK?” With experienced doctors and six convenient locations, Eye Center of Texas has everything you need to answer your questions about better vision.

Don’t spend another day wishing for better vision—contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding PRK and LASIK in Houston.

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